During recent decades, due to changes in market’s interests and demands,  Mazinani Brothers decided to revolutionize the system of presenting and selling candies in Iran which was completely unique and new. As a result he started to sell sweets, candies and gums in a bowl separately (on a small table) back in 2004 .Soon, he preferred to use new designed display stands to be able to present different varieties of Products .

While the number of selling units in Tehran were increasing dramatically, becoming a sales representative by potential applicants in all the provinces of Iran was noticeable.
Therefore,Mazinani Brothers registered “Candy Mix” to give unity to his business.

On 2007,  Mazinani Brothers  established T.N.A. Company in order to support “pick & mix”, the most desirable system for selling candies, all around Iran.

After just 7 years of dynamic trading and distribution activities, now T.N.A. Co. has about 52 employees in different departments.

Proudly the company has its own newly established distribution organization with its 25 employees at central office and other cities with their employees separately, distributes variety of products to about 27000 locations such as supermarkets, Confectionaries, Coffee Shops, Hotels and etc. all around Iran.

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