• After continuous negotiations over the recent years, we have been able to draw a few companies’ attention to cooperate and work in Iran. Thus, in 2013 we could achieve exclusive representation of BonaVita (Cornflakes) from Czech, Misbis (chocolate bars and wafers) from Turkey, Baron (chocolate) from Poland, McCarter (fruit and vegetable pulps and concentrates) from Slovakia and Polen (Pastry  ingredients) from Turkey.

  • Bulgari - Marshmallow

    New products with different shapes and attractive tastes have arrived. Due to being filled, they will be among the best-selling and popular products.
    Varieties in 100gr packaging: Skull filled chocolate, Choco mix, Berries, Funny mix


Noarandeh Company with the objective of innovation in food industry especially chocolates, confections and Candies, started its business in 2008.
Despite many problems like working with foreign manufacturers, T.N.A convinced some chocolate and candy producers from abroad to work with as their exclusive distributor in Iran.
It is hoped T.N.A's policy which is based on providing and presenting high-quality products with more variety could be able to attract more Iranians to their products.

R&D Department:

Like other trading companies, the job description for R&D department in T.N.A. Co. is as follows:
- Discover and create new ideas
- Market study
- Develop new products
- Implement and improve


Commerce Department:


- Negotiating with foreign companies
- Obtaining exclusive representation
- Clearance
- Obtaining necessary licenses from health ministry and related organization


Distribution Centre:


  • Pakhsh - o - Pala Company known as “P&P”, was founded on 2010 as the part of “T.N.A.” company in order to distributing imported products.
  • After several months of operation, it was decided to separate this part of the company and establish an independent company for extensive (capillary) distribution.
  • Now the company is having business with more than 5000 customers, added more products to its portfolio and aimed at increasing them with FMCG products.More...


T.N.A. Company annually is visiting the most food exhibitions like ISM, SIAL, ANUGA, GULF FOOD in order to update its trading knowledge and get familiar with new products and brands.

Head Office :  GhaemMagham Farahani Street - Motahari Avenue - Tehran - IRAN


 Telefax : +98 21 88 31 83 07 , +98 21 88 31 83 08 



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